How to choose the best microphone for your corporate podcast

Pick the correct microphone

To create a great sounding corporate podcast it is important to select the best equipment. This blog post will help you navigate through the many options and guide you to find the perfect microphone. There is a wide range of manufacturers and microphone types. Some of the most relevant  manufacturers for audio equipment and with a strong expertise in podcast microphones are: Rode, Shure, Sennheiser, Blue or beyerdynamic.

How to pick the best microphone for your corporate podcast?

Choosing the best microphone for your corporate podcast depends on a few different factors: existing know-how, recording setup and budget.  

When starting a podcast for your company the first question that needs to be answered is how much know-how about podcasting, recording, etc. exist in the team. It is recommended to partner with a professional podcast agency when starting a corporate podcast project and the company has no podcasting know-how. Many agencies and podcast producers can help to find an ideal setup and upskill you on the basics. Similar to the decision on creating content for social media in house or outsource it, the team in charge of the corporate podcast should make the same decision. 

Secondly, a deciding factor for great audio quality is the recording setup. If you are planning to record your podcast with a professional podcast production agency or in a podcast recording studio you will most likely record your podcast with high-quality studio equipment. Of course, this will very much influence the overall production budget as is one of the main cost factors. Many companies prefer recording in their office or remotely to be more flexible. Additionally, this setup creates a more relaxed recording situation for many employees and guests mostly participating in a podcast for the first time. At the same time this setup will create some challenges with regards to the audio quality. Therefore the microphone needs to be able to compensate for background noise or reverb while recording in an office space, meeting room, or recording from a home-office. If you are just starting your podcast and do not want to spend a lot of money on a microphone, USB microphones that can be used without any other equipment and connect to smartphones are a good option. If you want to record a lot of interviews for your podcast a lavalier microphone can be an ideal option.

The third question is always budget. Microphones can range from 10 to 1.000 euros and are developed for different purposes, from studio recording, to broadcasting, music, etc. Find a list of mircophones below that are industry favorites. Audio is monosenory and the quality of the microphone strongly influences the quality of your corporate podcast. Therefore a professional microphone is a key success factor for your podcast to sound great.


Samson Q2U



Shure MV7

RØDE Procaster

Rode Procaster


Shure SM7B

Yellowtex iXm

Yellowtec iXm

Anything else?

For some microphones you will need additional equipment. Especially when you select a professional, studio-quality microphone. Make sure to check if any of the following equipment is needed for your microphone. If you are uncertain what equipment is needed, make sure to talk to an expert.

  1. XLR cables
  2. Audio interface
  3. Headphones
  4. Microphone stand
Additionally to selecting the best microphone for your podcast, make sure to find the best recording setup. Check out our blog here

Now it’s time to get your microphone and start recording your corporate podcast! 

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