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Corporate Audio

If you’ve been wondering what Corporate Audio actually is, this blog post has all the answers. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about Corporate Audio.

The Power of audio

The first thing a person perceives is the voice. It is not for nothing that you are advised to talk to your baby in the womb. This is because the voice of a person is individual and conveys personality and emotions. It creates closeness and connection and at the same time gives us a feeling of security and familiarity. With the help of this auditory perception, we link what we hear with feelings and situations. Thus, important things are filtered out and stored. Podcasts and radios have taken advantage of this effect of the voice.

Podcast has been around for 20 years and before that there was radio. So why have podcasts had such a BOOM in recent years? The answer is easy: This form of audio communication creates closeness because emotions are generated through language. A “head cinema” is created when lively and creative messages are conveyed. As a result, what is heard is directly linked visually with thoughts. It’s not for nothing that radio advertising says “Goes in the ear. Stays in the head.”.

A big advantage of audio perception is that it’s incidental. We’ve all listened to a voice message or podcast while doing the dishes or sorting laundry. Another advantage of audio communication is that it is more effective than text communication: the non-verbal communication is not present in a written text, but spoken it is clearly recognizable. The point here is not just to read the message, but to understand the message. Things like emphasis and emotion are lost in a text, but through the spoken word, that’s exactly what is conveyed!

In summary, audio offers many advantages: It’s personal, authentic, approachable, and accessible from anywhere.

The changing corporate world

Nowadays, remote work or hybrid working is no longer a trend, but standard. In times of Covid, the home office offer was expanded in many companies and has now been introduced permanently. Thus, a new working world is established: You can collaborate from anywhere, even if you live in a different time zone. Independent working days and hours arouse interest and enable everyone to create their own working world. Another factor influencing the corporate world is the so-called “Gen Z” (Generation Z), which is just starting out in the working world. This generation has been identified as having a loyalty deficit. Read the article “Loyalty deficit in Gen Z” on this topic. Another point about Generation Z is that they are audio lovers. One article highlighted that 63% of those surveyed stream music daily. For these reasons, audio will become more and more of a focus.

This is where Corporate Audio comes into play.

Corporate Audio: Audio in the corporate context

With the help of Corporate Audio, you can speak directly and personally with your team. In times of home office and hybrid working, this creates emotional closeness and involves them in the company’s activities, informs them about updates and goals of the management, or allows them to train new employees.

Audio in the enterprise simplifies work and is inclusive. It is ideal for employees who do not have access to a computer while working or who cannot use traditional communication channels such as e-mails or newsletters due to language barriers or dyslexia.

Audio is the perfect medium to listen to on the go or in between. This makes it ideal for employees who are not always available by e-mail. 

Corporate Audio is there to make the communication of a company more personal and individual. Thus, the flood of daily e-mails can be reduced and the communication can be made more personal, authentic and close.  This also reduces the screen time of employees. Corporate Audio also provides companies with a secure communication channel for B2B (business-to-business), B2E (business-to-employee) and B2C (business-to-consumer) communication.

Another advantage of audio communication is that it is resource efficient. It requires 75% less resources than a video.

Corporate Audio can also be used for advertising purposes. This attracts the attention of new customers, potential partners, investors or new employees to the company.

Corporate Audio is an optimal solution for every company to establish an authentic, personal and modern communication with teams, business partners and customers in times of remote and hybrid work.

We have created the Landscape as an orientation and assistance and it helps to build up own know-how. It serves as an overview of all companies and software around the category Corporate Audio.

What is corporate podcast

Corporate Audio encompasses all areas of the audio market from agencies, producers, software to hardware used by companies or specifically designed for companies to implement their audio strategy.

Strong partners help to build competencies within the company and create their own visions. As with marketing or social media, there are agencies and consultants who specialize in audio.

Once the audio strategy is in place, you can choose to work with partners (agencies, producers, etc.) or create your own setup through created or existing know-how within the company. We, as Hype1000, are happy to provide you with an expert. With him you can discuss your visions and plan the implementation.

When it comes to recording your own podcast, first and foremost is the set up. Find the right set up for your situation. You can go to a studio or record your podcast from home. There are several software and hardware solutions for this.

Tip: Improve your audio quality with a good microphone. Here you will find a selection of a cheap, medium and expensive microphone.

With the help of analytics software you can get an insight into the reach and the number of listeners.

In terms of content, corporate podcasting encompasses social audio, voice skills, corporate sound and much more. Corporate podcasts are especially suitable for personal, authentic and approachable communication.

Corporate podcasts have many format options

  1. B2C: Podcast are created by companies (corporate format) or by commissioned companies (branded podcast) and are aimed directly at their customers and potential customers. The goal of B2C is to achieve a wide reach and can therefore be found on all platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcast, etc.).
  2. B2B: Here the podcast is aimed at business partners and/or B2B customers. The focus here is on the focused target group approach and not on reach. Therefore, it is important to consider in advance which target group should be addressed and which content represents added value. These podcasts can be listened to via the public platforms or played with access restriction via company portals or via special softwares, such as Hypecast.
  3. B2E: This is internal communication via audio. The focus is on simple, fast and personal communication.

Other areas of Corporate Audio

Corporate Audio also includes live audio and messaging.

With live or social audio, you can meet people in a virtual room and listen to a conversation, for example. This model is familiar from the app Clubhouse. Here, you join a room and can listen to people talk about a particular topic or interview others. You can think of it as listening to a podcast, but live and with pictures. So this not only affects auditory perception, but also visual stimuli.

We all know messaging services like WhatsApp or Telegram. These can also be used in a corporate context. This is why WhatsApp Business was introduced, or Signal. These platforms offer a secure communication channel for businesses.

Other fields of Corporate Audio are corporate sound and voice:

Who doesn’t recognize Telekom by its classic ringtone? This is a sound logo or also called sound branding. It allows a company to get recognition via audio. This is very popular in today’s world. Everyone knows the sound of BMW, Hornbach or the Tagesschau.

“Hey Siri”, “OK Google” or “Alexa…” we all know by now. Companies can also take advantage of such voice skills and give the company a voice. For example, Aldi and Eucerin have developed such an audio solution.

Interactive audio plays are also interesting. These run via Alexa or Google Home. You can influence the story by giving voice commands and steering the story in a different direction. This means you don’t just have to listen, but can actively participate in the action. 

The Landscape gives just a small glimpse into the Corporate Audio category. If you would like to see the complete list of companies, please send an email to

With Hype1000, you’ve found an all-in-one Corporate Audio solution for your company. We offer everything in one place with our software Hypecast. Why choose different vendors and software when you can record, host, and view analytics for your podcast in our app? Hype1000 is your partner for consulting and production. Contact us for more information or to request a demo.

Hype1000 exists to simplify Corporate Audio.

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