How to find the best recording setup
for your corporate podcast

How to choose the right recordingroom

To guarantee your listeners the best listening experience, it’s important to find the best recording setup for your corporate podcast. This blog post will guide you to find the best possible recording space so you can create a great sounding corporate podcast. There are many influencing factors that can affect your podcast recording. For example, the internet connection or the room itself.

What is the best recording setup?

The great advantage of a podcast is that it can be recorded anywhere. You can record your episodes in your office (a familiar environment). Thus, you can easily involve employees in an episode or discuss the topic again with your team before you start recording. You also save time and rental costs of a professional studio. But even in the office, there are influencing factors that can affect your recording setup:

The noise level can quickly rise if colleagues are talking in the hallway outside your office or if there is a knock because an employee has a question. Such things are sometimes unavoidable. But a simple “Do not disturb and be quiet. Podcast recording” sign on your door can help.

You could pack everything up and drive to a professional studio to have the best conditions, but this takes up a lot of time and is usually very costly. Still, it is recommeded to get an expert from a professional podcast agency to help you with all your podcasting question before getting started. This way, you and your team are not left on your own if there is no or not enough podcast know-how in the team.

Check your internet connection

Before you start recording your podcast episode, it is important to check if the room has a good and stable Internet connection. This is the only way to ensure a trouble-free podcasting process. Also, this point becomes important if you want to upload the episode immediately after recording or send it on for post-production. If you are recording an interview and your partner is connected remotely, your interview partner should also check whether he or she has a good and stable Internet connection. You can provide your interview partner with a microphone in advance. This will also ensure good recording quality.

Find the best space to record

The type and setup of the recording room are very important. Look for a room that is as neutral as possible with little reverberation. Preferably a quiet environment with little or no background noise.

Improving the recording setup

Ideal recording space

What to avoid when recording

Expert tip: clap test

You can quickly check the functionality of your recording room yourself by performing the clap test. Clap your hands and listen to how the room reacts. Here’s the rule: The less room resonance, the more suitable the room. In general, the room should provide a “dry” sound sensation. This will help you determine if the room reproduces a lot of sound that might be heard in the recording. You can counteract this primarily by using padded furniture and a carpet.

If you keep the above points in mind, you should have the best recording setup for your corporate podcast. You don’t necessarily have to meet all of the indicators, but make sure that the majority of them are met. However, if there are any minor acoustic errors, these can be corrected in post-production if necessary.

Once you have found the best recording room, you can start with your corporate podcast! If you are still looking for the best microphone for your corporate podcast, we have the perfect blog post for you.

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