How to choose the right recordingroom

How to choose the right recording room

In addition to choosing the right microphone, the choice of recording space plays a major role. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right room to record your corporate podcast:

Internet connection (if you use a software that needs internet or you’d like to upload your episode directly):

It is important to check whether the room has a good and stable internet connection. This is the only way to guarantee a smooth podcasting experience.

Acoustic indicators:

Additionally, you can take acoustic measures. Find a room that is as neutral as possible with little reverberation and other background noise.

Here are a few indicators for orientation:


  • small room
  • low ceiling
  • heavily furnished (cushions)
  • curtains
  • carpet
  • general quiet ambience

Do not

  • large rooms
  • vacant
  • few furniture
  • large window fronts
  • high ceilings
  • much reverberation
  • street sounds, Craftsman, etc.

If you follow the points above, you should have found the optimal space for recording your corporate podcast. Not all indicators need to be met. The most important thing is to ensure a stable and working internet connection. If small acoustic errors still occur, these can be corrected in the postproduction if necessary.

You can quickly check your recording room for functionality yourself by doing the clap test. Clap your hands and listen to what response the room offers. The following applies: The less room response, the more suitable the room is. In general, the room should give you a “dry” sound sensation.

Once you’ve found the perfect room, you’re ready to start recording!


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