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Anywhere, anytime. The podcast app for organizations and teams.

Hypecast App

Secure & easy to manage

Manage your podcasts, audiences, groups, and more all in one place.

Let teams access your organization’s audio content across all devices. Create individual groups and build curated playlists of the best national and international publications. Receive personalized daily edutainment and inspriation content.

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Improve your communications, team engagement and learning culture via the format your people love: audio.


Build valuable relationships and trust within your teams and organization and enrich your communication with a personal touch.


No scheduling across timezones or meetings. Listen on demand anywhere, anytime.

Cross Departments

Stay aligned across functions and break down silos by distributing content to your desired audience.

On-screen breaks

Develop interesting training modules and entertaining upskilling sessions via podcasts & audio to avoid „screen fatigue“.

Getting rid of e-mail overkill

Share the latest product news or create exciting training sessions for your sales force or business partners while getting rid of e-mail overkill.

Sharing information

CEO Talks, management briefings or town halls – share your information securely, fast and emotionally without blocking your employees‘ calendars.

Use Cases

Business Updates

Turn your existing comms into audio, share the latest news, create a morning briefing


Share the most frequently asked questions or general topics of interest with your teams, e.g. maturnity leave, vacation, regulations, sick leave, etc.

Corporate Culture Share corporate culture and programs, e.g. sustainability talks or future programs with the entire organization and get your teams involved
Sales Force Share the latest info about new products, features or services with your sales force
Work Hacks 5-min meditation sessions, 2-min breathing exercises, active break entertainment, new ways of working


We strive to create the most user-friendly, secure and easy-to-use audio and voice solutions in the market. Our products are designed hand-in-hand with our customers and partners to develop the best possible solutions.

User Stories

HYPCAST can be used for different audiences in various settings. See examples from your industry.

Pharma & Medical
Build private communities with doctors, pharmacies and experts and share relevant information about new clinical studies, new releases and medical expert data via our secure audio platform.
Retail & Consumer
Reduce communication barriers between your HQ and your retailers or brick & mortar locations. Engage local teams with a more emotional approach and use the power of audio for more personal and inclusive communication with your retail rteams. Give people simpler and faster access to relevant information on their mobile devices.
Consulting & Agencies
Podcasting is the perfect way to share information within a decentralized organizational structure and teams that spend much of their professional life travelling and away from the office. HYPECAST also enables consulting firm and agencies to share content with clients and integrate audio as an accompanying channel in transformational client projects.
International Organization
Share information quickly and asynchronous accross multiple time zones and geographical areas and use the power of your voice to build employee engagement across the globe.
B2B Sales
HYPECAST is developed to support organizations to generate new leads and grow client bases using audio to create engaging and personal connections.
Universities & Schools
Audio is 4x more effective than text when trying to learn and memorize specific information. Integrate podcasts in your curriculum and share lectures and supporting material with the right audiences.



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Additional Services


We help you to find your organization’s voice and develop exciting concepts.


We do everything from recording to mastering and post-production. Find your organization’s voice with great sounding quality.


We create individual curated content playlists personalized to your needs. Share it with your teams, partners and customers via HYPECAST, newsletters or Spotify.

About us

We believe that every organization should communicate with their own voice to create emotional relationships with their customers and employees.

We envision to have the most user-friendly, secure and easy-to-use audio and voice solutions in the market. With this vision in mind we are working closely with different organizations, corporates and media houses to bring communication via audio and voice into the 21th century.

Maximilian Conrad

Co-founder & CEO

Simon Kapell

Co-founder & CTO


Phone: + 49 171 532 44 63
Sophienstraße 8, 48145 Münster, Germany