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10 Ways to Promote Your Internal Podcast

You have done your research and worked hard to create your company’s internal podcast. Now it’s time for everybody to know what it is all about. In the digital age, promotion is an important criteria for success. This holds true for your company’s internal podcast too. With employers across the globe increasingly turning to the latter as a medium of corporate communication, promoting your podcast is a subject that should not be overlooked.

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What are the benefits of audio in business?

Corporate audio is moving more and more into focus and is becoming more and more important. It all started with corporate sound. Companies got a so-called sound logo. One example is the Telekom Sound. Everyone knows it and it stays in the ear. It provides recognition value and that’s exactly what it’s all about. You should recognize the company by the sound alone.

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Mind my business - Podcast

Club Hype Podcast

Im Club Hype sprechen die beiden Gründer von HYPE 1000, Simon Kapell und Max Conrad über ihre Erfahrungen als neue Gründer und geben Einblicke in ihr eigenes Start-Up. Zudem sprechen die beiden mit spannenden Gästen Industrie und Wirtschaft zu Allem rund um die Themen Audio & Voice. Reinhören lohnt sich.

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Pick the correct microphone

How to choose the right microphone

The question of the right microphone is complex. There is a wide range of manufacturers and microphone types. The most famous manufacturers are: Rode, Shure, Sennheiser Blue, beyerdynamic and many more.
But how do I know which microphone is best for me?

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