Internal and public distribution:
shortly explained

internal and public distribution

If you want to start a corporate podcast, you should think about the target audience. Who do you want to address your podcast to? If you have answered this question for yourself, the question of distribution is easier. There are two types of distribution:

Public distribution

If you want to make your podcast available to the public, you can easily publish it on all known podcast platforms (Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and co.).Everyone gets public access to your podcast. This way you can use your corporate podcast as a marketing tool and attract potential customers, new employees and people to your company. You give your company a voice and gain new reach.

Internal distribution

If you want to make your corporate podcast available only to your B2B customers and team, so if it is limited to internal communication only, this can be regulated via access restrictions or corporate portals. That’s exactly what Hypecast, our all-in-one Corporate Audio platform, offers you. Here you can quickly and securely share your podcast with a selected audience. Our software offers you a secure communication channel for your B2B, B2C and B2E communication. So only a certain group of people gets access to your corporate podcast and you run the distribution internally via Hypecast.


Which distribution would be better for your corporate podcast?

Corporate Audio is an optimal solution for any company to establish authentic, personal and modern communication with your teams, business partners and customers in times of remote and hybrid work.

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