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internal podcast

As a company, have you struggled to keep your employees engaged? This is a very pertinent issue across companies and businesses, that are always trying to keep a tab on the pulse of their employees.

Research has shown that 87 percent of organizations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges. This is one of the prime contributors of attrition in companies.

Most employees often feel that the leadership team is disconnected from them and their issues. As a company, it is of utmost importance to be connected at all times, and ensure that everybody is on the same page when it comes to the company’s mission and values.

An internal podcast will be a powerful tool to connect with employees and this is not just one-way communication, it would help both sides.

Internal podcasts have been growing in popularity of late, and companies have realized the positive impact they are having on the business environment as a whole.

Let’s see in detail how an internal podcast can help you and your team:

Better access to leadership team

Leadership is a process of engaging with the people you lead. Many times though, employees would have seldom seen or heard from their leadership team. This causes a dysfunctional experience with people feeling completely disconnected from the company values and each other.

An internal podcast is a good way to bridge the gap and to start engaging with each other proactively. Right from the CEO to divisional managers, everybody can use an internal podcast to connect with their teams.

Be it to address an issue, talk about the company performance, best practices, training etc. The list of topics one can talk about are literally limitless. 

With regular episodes and feedback mechanisms in place, employees will start to feel a sense of connection. This would also help stem possible flashpoints by helping the leadership team up to date with the pulse of the company.

Build more authentic connections

Podcasts are uniquely human in a way that most internal communication is not — an invaluable asset when no one wants to feel like a cog in a machine.

Unfortunately, especially since the onset of the pandemic, many employees are feeling less than ideal about life at their companies. In fact, research has revealed that 42% of employees are feeling lonely, stressed, and isolated during the pandemic — vibes most of us would prefer to avoid within our companies.

The good news is that an internal podcast is a format that offers endless opportunities for intimacy, humor, emotion, and authenticity. Say goodbye to formal, cold, and overly polished company emails and hello to a medium that encourages emotion, individualism, and connection among your team.

This new method of communication will allow you to build community, bolster relationships, and foster retention that will benefit your company and everyone on your team.

Better engagement with employees

There are the traditional ways like emails and then zoom meetings which have taken prominence, especially since the pandemic.

Let’s face it, how many times have you let an internal email sink to the bottom of the inbox — or go unread entirely? Perhaps you too are suffering from Zoom meeting fatigue? These common methods of communication are not breeding ideal results when it comes to engagement — something most companies fall short on these days. One report by Gallup states that 85% of the global workforce are either “not actively engaged” or “actively disengaged” at their job.

Internal podcasts provide a unique opportunity to engage with the workforce and build rapport within teams. True that the traditional ways serve their purpose, but this also leads to burnout with people hopping in between meetings and the increased screen time does take a toll.

Something as different and diversified as an internal podcast helps to break the routine and let people do things in their own time, thereby making it a very effective and engaging tool.

Reduced screen time equals better health

Not many discuss it in corporate circles, but it’s universally known and understood that the more amount of time one spends in front of the screen, the more likely they are to suffer from health issues.

Increased screen time directly affects a person’s physical and mental health. With employees spending a considerable amount of their time in front of screens, an internal podcast could help them considerably.

Since the pandemic began, more and more people are spending their time in front of the screen, which is not exactly a great habit in the first place, however it is a necessity for employees.

Given the fact that these habits are linked intrinsically to health, surely this is something you should aspire to limit for your employees. An internal podcast invites your team members to go for a walk, get a coffee, or simply step away from their computer, all while engaging in a meaningful way with the value, mission, and purpose of your company.

Ready to have your own internal podcast

All the benefits listed above should have piqued your curiosity by now. For an internal podcast to be effective, it will have to be well thought out and expertly produced. 

A great series would include handpicked guests, exceptional storytelling, phenomenal audio, and cohesive, engaging, and powerful themes. 

We know there would be a ton of questions you would have, and to answer all of that is precisely what Hypecast will help you with.

Your team is the most invaluable asset you have and it holds true for any organization. Connecting with them and engaging with them is what would build a solid foundation for your company.

An internal podcast besides helping you engage with your employees better, also conveys the mission and the path the company has taken towards the growth of the latter. When people grow, the company grows, and it’s not the other way around.

With Hypecast, your data is secure and you would be able to easily create and share exciting content, over a secure network.

You would also have access to top of the line analytics to show the level of engagement, and optimize the process better.
There’s no reason to wait. Request for a demo now and explore the vast benefits an internal podcast can provide to you and your team.

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