5 ways to create an
exceptional internal podcast

exceptional internal podcast

Have you ever come across an exceptional internal podcast that inspired you, and made you think of creating something similar internally within your team or company? World over, there is no shortage of podcasts, but like everything else in life, the truly exceptional ones are only a bunch.

You might ask, what’s an internal podcast? For starters, it is an excellent medium to connect with your employees, all of whom might be having different schedules and timings. With remote work getting popular, this is even more significant.

Internal podcasts are a great way to communicate the way the organization is functioning, as well as to keep everybody abreast of the latest news within the company.

Creating an engaging internal podcast takes time and effort, but is completely worth it. The content to start off with has got to be something employees can well relate to.

When the content is engaging, employees will look forward to every episode which is going to air.

Now you have got a brief idea as to what internal podcasts are and what they can do for you. All set now to create your own internal podcast? Here are five ways you can create an exceptional one.

Choose the right topic

You are more than halfway there if the topic chosen is the right one. While sifting through the ideas which would come to mind, do not be in a hurry to jump the gun and decide on something without relevant data. After all, the purpose of your internal podcast is to make your employees engage with it. 

Let’s take sales as an example. Now you could have a podcast talking about sales in general or drive it down specifically to how sales leaders function in B2B companies. Now that would be of interest to any sales guy who aspires to grow. Niche cannot be overridden in internal podcasts either.

It is always a great idea to choose your topics in advance. Having a calendar gives you the foresight on what you need to do, and if there is something specifically working better when compared to the other, you have time to analyze the data and make the relevant changes as required.

Choose the frequency and length of your exceptional internal podcast

You would need to decide when and how often you would be airing your podcast. While the length can be as little or as much as you would like it to be, the key is to hit the sweet spot. A successful internal podcast can be anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour.

Some companies choose to do it once a week, where as others might decide to do it more frequently. One must factor in the time it would take to create the podcast and then the time is taken to edit it.

No matter how and what you choose to do, keep in mind that the quality of the internal podcast is what would make it appealing to your employees.

Add the personal touch

The very reason an internal podcast is started is for the employees to engage with it. Gather a set of questions from the employees themselves via a poll and try to answer them.

Employees will feel valued when they hear their issues being addressed by the team. Also, sharing the personal experiences of people within the team will help the podcast become more relatable.

This would give your internal podcast a filip to become a very powerful tool in engaging with your team and help in growing your business.

Use it as a media to build company culture

Having a good company culture is the cornerstone to building great companies, and making your workplace a “best place to work”.

Internal podcasts because of their ease of access are the perfect media to reach out to employees and to make them feel valued and connected.

Use the podcasts as a brand-building exercise. Talk about the steps which have been taken to improve employer engagement, and show them the roadmap of the future.

The intimate nature of listening to a podcast can build trust and a sense of connection between listeners and those higher up in the company.

Incentivize the whole thing

Listening to your internal podcast should be an incentive in itself. That being said, people always look at things using the WIIFM structure. That’s the acronym for “What’s in it for Me?”

You cannot force employees to listen to something they do not want to. If you do, it is not going to do wonders for your team culture. The best way forward would be to make the people want to be a part of it.

Do not hesitate to add a dash of color by opening up contests and prizes for people who engage the most and for their suggestions.

Are you ready to start your own internal podcast?

An internal podcast for your company is the need of the hour.  You have the ideas in your ahead and now you also know the ingredients you would need to create an amazing podcast.

Companies around the world have seen the benefits of using an internal podcast as a tool for enhancing communication, development, and leadership.

Do you see yourself using it as a teaching tool to bring employees up to speed on best practices or new industry trends? You can also use it as a way to voice employee concerns, introduce new team members, or disseminate messages directly from the CEO.

When so much work in today’s world is done remotely, it’s more important than ever to keep your team feeling connected over long distances. Podcasts are a great way to deliver a unified message. If you’re ready to get started Hypecast can help you produce a professional-sounding podcast that will meet your team’s needs. 

In your journey to establish a world class company, which values its employees as much as it does its customers, Hypecast will help you with the tools to create a class-leading podcast, one which will resonate with your employees across the board.

Request for a demo and subscribe to our neewsletter now and take a step closer to incorporating modern day technology into creating your world class brand.

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