10 ways to promote your internal podcast

promote your internal podcast

You have done your research and worked hard to create your company’s internal podcast. Now it’s time for everybody to know what it is all about.

In the digital age, promotion is an important criteria for success. This holds true for your company’s internal podcast too. With employers across the globe increasingly turning to the latter as a medium of corporate communication, promoting your podcast is a subject that should not be overlooked.

Simply creating an internal podcast might not be enough to attract an audience and achieve communications goals. As a communicator, you would need to let your employees know that the podcast exists.

You would also need to provide incentives for them to listen and then monitor their data regularly. Building a consistent listener base for internal podcasts requires a keen understanding of your target audience so you can address their needs. 

Your journey to building your own internal podcast becomes a breeze with Hypecast, which offers the best in class technology, along with a robust support mechanism. The ease of use, access, and distribution makes it your go-to platform for internal podcasts.

Here are ten different ways you can better promote your internal podcasts to your employees:

1. Feature your employees in the podcast

Internal podcasts are a great podium to highlight stories about your employees and their successes. By including your employees in the content you produce, you would be creating the feeling of a more inclusive project.

Consider interviewing employees, having them help with content and other ways they can be involved. More employees will tune in to hear friends and colleagues being featured and may be interested in getting featured themselves.

Employees enjoy hearing from different voices in different roles and it shows that the culture is collaborative and their contributions are appreciated. Employee involvement can really bring the project to life and create deeper engagement.  

2. Put up physical posters at your workplace

This is a creative way to advertise. You could get a team to design and advertise the internal podcast with signs and posters. Get creative and put fun and catchy elements while designing the posters.

These posters could then be put up in areas where the employee footfall is the highest. These include break-out areas, cafeterias, and hallways among others. 

The posters should attract the employees by mentioning the latest episodes, contests, who’s been featured, and how they can be featured themselves. This will pique their curiosity and attract them immediately.

3. Advertise on the company intranet

Employees would over use the company intranet expansively for everything related to the organization. Whether you use a simple sign-in page or an expansive employee intranet and database, there are certain places that your employees log on to daily.

These sites are ideal spots to post notices and links to your internal podcast. Ensure that it updates as your episodes update, and change the images and wording to make it unique and enticing to keep your employees engaged.

4. Enable push notifications

Internal podcasting apps do more than just play and pause your podcast. It can also notify your employees when new episodes of your internal podcasts are live. 

By enabling push notifications, your employees are alerted the moment a new episode is published and available. You not only make your employees aware that new content is live but make them more likely to listen as the notifications appear right on their mobile devices.  

This will ensure that they never miss out on any event related to the podcast and are always aware of what is happening and what’s in store.

5. Send out newsletters

Newsletters enable you to send alerts for any upcoming events, deadlines, and recaps so that your employees can be kept up to speed. 

You could integrate your internal podcast with an existing newsletter if you have one. You could also consider sending newsletters specifically about the podcast. 

Inserting content from your internal communications podcast into a newsletter does multiple things. First, it delivers the content directly to the employee, thereby decreasing the steps they would have to take to get to the content itself. 

Secondly, it allows you to frame your internal podcast as the resource that it is. This also reiterates how the content mentioned in the newsletter is explored more thoroughly in your podcast.  

6. Highlight the internal podcast at every company meeting

Every company meeting is an opportunity to promote and talk about your internal podcast. Make sure that the managers are aligned on this and with the innumerable meetings which happen every day, they can spend some time talking about the internal podcast with their respective teams.

Employees can be informed that many of their questions related to policies and learning among others can be easily found in the internal podcast, thereby making it an easily accessible and convenient medium.

7. Offer rewards for engagement

A rewards program is a great incentive for employees to join the podcasting bandwagon. By talking about the important points opined by podcast in internal meetings, it encourages discussion and also promotes the event.

Some examples of rewards can be gift cards, highlights in future episodes and shout outs from company executives. You should not shy away from getting even more creative with your rewards. 

You could consider integrating it with existing systems for employee development and reviews. Inspire your team to understand that important content comes in the form of your podcasts.  

8. Use internal podcasts as training tools

You could make your internal podcasts an integral part of the company training and onboarding programs. This would also be a great way to get new hires accustomed to company policies and information via ease of accessibility.

As your employees begin to get familiar with the platform and start engaging more, you could use this to promote more educational content and for internal communications.

9. Use special days and events to promote

Companies have special days and events all throughout the calendar year. These could include festivals, monthly and yearly training/sales events and get-togethers during holidays among others.

You could use these events to promote your podcast. Inform the employees that they can find more information about these events via the podcast. You can also use the podcast to update your company about progress on goals or follow up from events.

10. Integrate with the company’s communication tools

Employees communicate internally using various media approved by the company. Since these are always exclusive channels, you could advertise your internal podcasts in official communication media like Slack.

Integrating the internal podcasting system with the communication systems used to chat will ensure better flow of information with regards to your podcast. This will ensure that your employees are aware of every episode and can tune in on time.

To conclude

It is not enough to create a great podcast, you should not leave any stone unturned to advertise it and make it popular. It benefits the employees immensely as it is easy to access and avoids unnecessary wastage of time and tedious red tape.

With all the benefits listed out and the ways you can promote your internal podcast, you are just one step away from creating your own. Hypecast is a class-leading platform that would turn your dreams of building a podcast into a reality.

Request a demo now and unleash the unlimited potential internal podcasting can bring to you and your company. Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to learn more about the Corporate Audio world.

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