5 reasons why you want
Corporate Audio in your company

Corporate Audio in your Company

You want better internal communication in your company? Corporate Audio makes it possible.
Corporate Audio offers your company many advantages. On the one hand, your internal communication becomes more personal and authentic, and on the other hand, you give your company a voice.

Corporate Audio is simple

Corporate Audio is ideal for employees who don’t have access to a computer at work or who can’t use traditional communication channels like email or newsletters due to language barriers or dyslexia. Recording a corporate podcast is super easy and goes super fast. With our all-in-one software Hypecast you have everything in one place and can easily produce, edit and share your podcast with your team or clients.

Direct and personal

Corporate Audio allows you to speak directly and personally with your team. Especially in the age of home offices and hybid work, this is a great way to build emotional closeness and engage your team in what’s happening at the company. With Corporate Audio, you can share updates and goals of your company, hold training sessions, or onboard new employees more easily. Worldwide, 20% of workers are satisfied with their jobs. Corporate Audio can help increase that percentage. Start an internal corporate podcast with Hypecast to improve your communication. With close and authentic communication, a personal bond with your team can be built or strengthened. This also increases employee engagement at the same time.

On the go

One of the biggest advantages of audio files is that they can be listened to on the go and in between. This is perfect for employees who are not always available via email or need their hands elsewhere. Even without an active internet connection, you can listen to the individual podcast episodes. Thanks to the download function, it is possible to take the corporate podcast with you wherever you go.

Get your message heard

You can communicate directly and personally with your team. With the help of analytics software, you can track how many people are actually listening to your content and what the listen-through rate of your podcast is. This is a very big advantage over email traffic, where you never know if the mail is loaded in the spam folder or lost in the flood of mails.

It's secure

Thanks to various softwares it is possible to distribute your corporate podcast internally. Thus, no outsider can access it. Our software Hypecast also offers you this. So you have a secure communication channel for your company and your B2B (Business-to-Business), B2E (Business-to-Employee) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) communication.

To conclude

Corporate Audio is an optimal solution for any company to establish authentic, personal and modern communication with your teams, business partners and customers in times of remote and hybrid work.

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