Benefits of private podcasting
and how to get started

private podcasting

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular among the masses. No surprise that companies too are turning towards private podcasting as a new communications tool and audio in general. 

Judging by ongoing trends, companies worldwide are trying to harness the power of podcasting. Podcasting has been an effective medium for businesses when it comes to marketing themselves to their prospective customers. It is only recently companies have realized its potency in the B2B space. This assumes significance given the increased remote nature of work being done today.

Businesses and people are always going to choose convenience over tribute. The thing to ponder is that while media like blogs could be descriptive and informative, podcasts give you the flexibility to make any topic into a fun conversation. Now, who wouldn’t like that?

Private podcasts help build empathy within the team, it allows people to listen to them whenever they are ready. There are various ways you can approach while creating an internal podcast.

When you decide to start a private podcast, you would need the following:

  • A recording setup
  • Relevant software to edit the episodes
  • Software to interview employees within and
  • A platform to distribute your content

It might look challenging but with Hypecast , you could get all the support and infrastructure at your fingertips. Corporate podcasting has never been easier!

Let’s see what are the benefits of private podcasting and how you can get started.

Create brand awareness

Companies are not workspaces but a brand by themselves. Employees working in many corporations are seldom aware of the brand they are working for. Most of them find themselves too busy to read about it or look it up elsewhere.

Podcasts can come to the rescue by providing an inclusive and immersive experience. One of the benefits of podcasts is that they can also be live-streamed, thereby giving the overall experience a major thrust in the right direction.

The consistency and familiarity of podcasts help to drive home the company’s message in a more effective manner.

Ease of access

As discussed earlier, there has been a rise in remote culture, especially over the course of the pandemic. Private podcasts with their ease of access provide a wide reach to this remote workforce.

Listening to podcasts makes employees feel better connected to their colleagues and the leadership team in general. 

Research from 18 countries including Germany, USA, UK, South Korea and Brazil say that there were approximately 400 million listeners of podcasts and the average time people spend per day listening to them is approximately 44 minutes.

The flow of information is smoother because of the direct approach of podcasts. There is no twisting and churning of information unnecessarily.

Accessibility and convenience are the hallmarks of podcasts. Whether you are on the move or stuck in traffic, podcasts help you be connected with a seamless flow of information.

More Engaging

Private podcasting leverages the reach and power of mobile audio and video to get your message across to employees.

Be it to impart a simple memo or a coaching session, podcasts give the user a more profound and visceral experience. This translates into better learning and engagement.

Vocal intonations and the human voice feel more authentic to employees and help to build a stronger connection with the leadership team.

Screen fatigue has been a real thing. Podcasts do not tire out people as they give them a break from constantly focussing on the screen. This leads to better understanding and retention.

Better learning tool

Most of the world’s population is more accustomed to watching and listening than reading and writing. No surprises there as to why the popularity of podcasts is on the rise.

As per the research from Dr. Mehrabian from UCLA, when an audio format is used as a learning tool, the listener can decipher 38% of the message when compared to just 7% via text. This literally translates to 500% more learning to the listener.

The informal environment and simple interface of a private podcast network make it easy for employees to produce and share the content of their own within the corporate network. This leads to better knowledge sharing too on a peer-to-peer basis.

Private podcasting is a great tool for asynchronous learning.  Giving employees a chance to consume educational content whenever they get the chance to do so, instead of sitting in front of an electronic gadget is a technical gift.

Easy to showcase real world examples

Knowledge and skillsets vary for each employee. Private podcasts because of their secure network and ease of access allow knowledge sharing on a real-time basis.

Employees can share what they want via the private podcasting app because the immersiveness of the entire experience, leads to better absorption and retention.

It is easier to demonstrate important scenarios via a podcast. They evoke emotion and can inspire employees to take necessary action which would help further their careers.

Explaining methodologies via storytelling is one of the creative freedoms offered via private podcasting which is seldom found in any other media.

How to get started with a private podcasting of your own

With the world going increasingly digital, it is a no-brainer that even the top corporations of the world have started to realize the value of podcasts and have gone on to include it as part of their culture.

With all of the good things being said about the benefits of podcasting, what would it take to start a private podcast of your own? That’s a valid question and one to be taken seriously.

Hypecast is your one-stop shop podcasting app, useful for companies and professionals. With various customizable features within the app, it makes life simpler for the end-user.

Its ease of use makes it a platform to produce class-leading podcasts with the best that technology can offer.

You can also join the Club Hype Community and learn all about corporate podcasting and how you can share your voice in a better manner. By joining the community, you also get access to exclusive events and different webinars among others. These would help you to become a podcasting expert.

Private podcasting is more user-friendly and affordable than many costly and complex Learning Management Systems (LMS).

With most of the workforce already aware of podcasts and a significant chunk out of the same already listening to it, it becomes easier to absorb.

With data privacy being a major factor, the podcasts produced within should be more secure and reliable. Whether it be a public or a private podcast, the distribution method of each is what will differ.

Hypecast is all you need to create great podcasts for your team, clients, and business partners. Request for a demo now and give wings to your vision of building an inclusive team. A team that is truly part of a larger goal.

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