What is internal corporate podcasting and why do you need it?

internal corporate podcast

What is internal corporate podcasting? Do you know why podcasts have taken the world by storm? If you are one among us who prefers to listen to a company update or your training materials while commuting to work, in between meetings, or at leisure in your break time, then you know the answer. The convenience and ease of access to podcasts are what make them captivating.

In a world that has switched more towards digital modes of communication and the rise of remote work, podcasting has assumed special significance, especially internal corporate podcasting.

Corporate podcasting is a micro-niche within a broader niche and a very promising one at that.

Podcasting is one of the best means to reach out to new audiences and to build your business as it increases awareness. The monthly listeners amounted to nearly 400 million in 2021 and this is slated to increase further in the coming days. People will always listen to something if they think that it adds value to their lives.

Now, the same medium can be used to reach out to your employees, business partners, or B2B customers. This can be done via internal corporate podcasting. 

You may now ask yourself, “Why would I need a podcast for my company?”. We understand that we get this question a lot of times. 

With Hypecast, our super-simple Corporate Audio software, we help businesses of all sizes to create and distribute professional, well-laid out, and world-class employee podcasts, which help them to connect with their business partners and clients worldwide. We would like to take this opportunity to answer your question.

Let’s see the benefits of internal corporate podcasting and why you need it?

It’s immersive

Let’s face it, the world is not the same anymore. Gone are the days when there were town halls and gatherings in conference rooms to convey messages.

Most of the workforce works remotely and employee podcasts are one of the best ways to reach out. It also gives an impression of sophistication and progressiveness within the organization. 

Any podcasts within the company are exclusive and can be accessed virtually by employees whenever they want to. It’s restricted for outsiders, so it’s needless to say that it is safe too.

Audio is BOOMING

485 million podcast listeners worldwide 

(market volume: 31% CAGR until 2027)

20 % of employees want an internal podcast

78% of companies already have an internal podcast

corporate podcasting

Training & education

Corporate podcasting for employees is easier to access. Employees who might be otherwise busy would find it easier to access podcasts than emails. 

This is also one of the best ways to reach out to employees to educate them on various learning and development programs in a more aesthetically pleasing and interactive way.

The conventional methods including the ones relying on screen time cause fatigue over extended periods of time. Podcasts mitigate that and one can learn at their own pace.

Company podcasts allow users to record the sessions and listen to them later at a time which is convenient for them. The learning process thereby becomes more flexible.

Studies have also shown that people relate better both cognitively and emotionally to content that is conveyed in an audio format rather than by video or text.


Fostering company culture

Employee podcasts are more engaging as it encourages employees to talk about themselves, their goals, and what is relevant to them.

This fosters a cohesiveness and team culture which goes beyond conventional means. The power of business podcasting, as a means to boost morale and share the vision of the company, is a very powerful yet underestimated tool.

When you listen to something, it is received better cognitively, and that is something the visual media cannot replicate.

Through corporate podcasting, the focus is not just on the leaders, but also on the employees who are at the frontline. Telling their stories and the work they do inspires others and facilitates team bonding.

The CEO of a company can directly engage with their employees through podcasts. The intimate nature of listening to a podcast helps build a sense of connection between all levels in a company. 


Create a unique narrative

One of the major benefits of an internal podcast is that the narrative is very personal and the message can easily hit home.

Employees get inspired from the stories within the organization. There could be a touch of humor, empathy, appreciation or excitement while narrating. If you ever wanted to convey a joke via an email, pretty sure it would fall flat when compared to the same through a podcast.

Let’s face it, inboxes are usually full and people do not give more than a cursory glance to most of the mails they receive. The same does noy hold true for podcasts, wherein one can make the tone interesting and more personal.


Soft skills development

Podcasts for employees are a very effective medium when it comes to imparting or developing soft skills. Any kind of interaction, be it internally or with a client requires these skills to be applied in a professional manner.

What makes podcasts a good bet is that they can be made in an informative yet fun format which helps increase employee interaction and also helps showcase their strengths.

Experts from within the company could help impart and evaluate the knowledge and skill gap of employees better through podcasts. Podcasts help the company to see the employees who are engaging, which has a direct bearing on their performance. Therefore, podcasts can also be used as a tool to better measure performance.


How your company can create a business podcast?

Companies big and small around the world have started to realize the importance of business podcasting internally. Now, podcasts are one of the best media for the leadership team to engage with their employees and promote culture, knowledge, growth, and a feeling of inclusiveness.

This assumes special significance given the current global scenario where almost everybody is working remotely. Going by trends, this is here to stay.

Business podcasts can be of varying lengths depending upon your need. With remote work becoming the norm rather than an exception, it is important that diverse teams spread across geographies have a feeling of inclusiveness and connection.

Business podcasts will help you deliver a message which is easy to reach. You must be wondering who can help you get started?

Hypecast is the super simple Corporate Audio software to help organizations and professionals create world-class podcasts to be shared with their teams worldwide. Request now for a demo and take that first step towards building a more inclusive team.


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