5 tips to start an internal podcast

How to start a corporate podcast

If you’re thinking about starting your own internal podcast but don’t know how to start? This blog post will give you 5 tips to start your own internal podcast. Audio and podcast are booming right now, and so is internal communication. Why not combine these two things? With a internal corporate podcast, you can elevate your internal communications to an authentic and personal level, and easily and fast inform your team about updates and important topics.

Before you start recording, there are a few things to consider:

Find your audience

First, consider who you want to target with your internal podcast. Think about your employees as if they were an external audience: What do they want to hear? What content suits your employees?

The question about the target audience is a very important one, because only then you can determine topics you want to talk about in your internal podcast. Think about which topics might fit your target group and which might not.

Choose the right topic

The topic directly follows the question about the target group. Find topics that appeal to your target audience and make them curious about your internal podcast. A big advantage is that, since it’s your own team, you can launch internal surveys. Ask your employees directly what topics and content interest and appeal to them. This makes it easier to find topics with your team than with customers.

 For help with questions, you can always turn to professional podcast agencies. They will support and help you and your team around podcasting. This is a great help if there is little or no podcast know-how in your own team.

Expert tip: content calender

Create a content calender so you can easily plan all topics for the individual episodes. You and your team keep a better overview and you can move topics easier or even exchange them. The benefit is that all receive this information and know directly what topic must be prepared.

Pick topics in which you are an expert or invite experts to talk to. But always ask yourself in the back of your mind if what you want to talk about has added value for your listeners and if it might interest them. News related to your business can also be interesting. Don’t be afraid to get feedback from your employees.

Which distribution fits best?

If you want to make your internal podcast available only to your team, so it is limited to internal communication only, then it is recommended to use a dedicated channel for it. That’s exactly what Hypecast, our all-in-one Corporate Audio software, offers you. Here you can quickly and securely share your podcast with a selected audience. Our software offers you a secure communication channel for your B2B, B2C and B2E communication.

You can also share your episodes internally on your intranet or create your own internal landing page and share the episodes there.

Start recording

Once you’ve planned your audience, topics, and distribution, there’s nothing standing in the way of recording. If you need any tips to find the best microphone and recording setup for your internal podcast, check out our blog posts about it.

There are a wide range of softwares you can use to record your internal podcast and post-process it if necessary. With the built-in Hypecast Studio, you can record directly in the Hypecast app and upload your episode directly. Best of all, you can do it all via your mobile data and don’t need a Wi-Fi network. So, nothing stands in the way of podcast recording anywhere.

Make your internal podcast heard

After you’ve recorded your first podcast episode, it’s time to market it. How do you get your team to listen to your internal podcast? The easiest way is to market via your intranet. Share little teasers about your episode or exclusive “behind the scenes” footage. You can also get a well-known face as a speaker who fits your company. There are many ways to make your employees aware of your internal podcast. You can also hang announcements in the cafeteria and lounge areas.

But then there’s still the question of how many of your team actually listen to the episodes. With the help of an analytic software, you can see who is listening to your internal podcast and what the listen-through rate is. This gives you an overview and you can work with it to optimize your podcast.

If you go about planning your internal podcast with these points in mind, you’re sure to succeed!

If you’re thinking about starting an internal podcast or want to know more about our Hypecast software, visit our website. Want to learn more about the world of Corporate Audio? Subscribe to our newsletter or read our blog posts regularly! 

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