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Why Every Organization Should Consider Internal Podcasting

Why Every Organization Should Consider Internal Podcasting In today’s digital age, organizations are continually searching for innovative ways to engage and communicate with their employees. Enter the world of internal podcasting – a powerful tool that can revolutionize workplace communications. If you’re not familiar with this strategy, it’s high time you get acquainted. Let’s dive

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promote your internal podcast

10 ways to promote your internal podcast

You have done your research and worked hard to create your company’s internal podcast. Now it’s time for everybody to know what it is all about. In the digital age, promotion is an important criteria for success. This holds true for your company’s internal podcast too. With employers across the globe increasingly turning to the latter as a medium of corporate communication, promoting your podcast is a subject that should not be overlooked.

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How to

How to choose the right recordingroom

How to find the best recording setup for your corporate podcast

To guarantee your listeners the best listening experience, it’s important to find the best recording room for your corporate podcast. This blog post will guide you to find the best possible recording space so you can create your corporate podcast. There are many influencing factors that can affect your podcast recording. For example, the internet connection or the room itself.

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Pick the correct microphone

How to choose the best microphone for your corporate podcast

To create a great sounding corporate podcast it is important to select the best equipment. This blog post will help you navigate through the may options and guide you to find the perfect microphone. There is a wide range of manufacturers and microphone types. Some of the most relevant manufacturers for audio equipment and with a strong expertise in podcast microphones are: Rode, Shure, Sennheiser, Blue or beyerdynamic.

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