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Build valuable relationships and trust within your teams, business partners and B2B clients and enrich your communication with a personal touch via the power of audio.

On-screen breaks

Develop interesting training modules and entertaining upskilling sessions via podcasts & audio to avoid „screen fatigue“.


Get rid of e-mail overkill

Share the latest product news or create exciting training sessions for your sales force or business partners while getting rid of e-mail overkill.

Save Money

For every budget

Save money and ressources. Audio needs about 75% less ressources for streaming and on average 50% cheaper to produce versus video.

Where Hypecast can help you

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Share the latest business updates and organization's news with your teams, business partners and B2B clients via secure and easy-to-access internal podcasts. With audio you have the chance to "personally" communicate with your communities anywhere, anytime.
On the Go
Share the latest info about new products, features or services with your sales force and remote teams that spend on average 50% of their time on the road. Keep employee engagement high with a more personal communication via audio.
All about the Company
Share corporate culture and programs, e.g. sustainability talks or future programs with the entire organization and get your teams involved. Ideal for decentralized organizations and companies that have a wide network of business partners or franchisees.
Some numbers to might like

higher engagement rate vs. corporate newsletters


listen-through rate


less ressources needed

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