8 Steps how to integrate Corporate Podcast into your Marketing Strategy

After the last blog post was about why you should use a corporate podcast as a marketing strategy, today’s post is about HOW to use a corporate podcast as a marketing strategy.

1 . Define goals

The goals of your corporate podcast should align with the goals of your business. Start by asking yourself what your goals are for the company, and then ask yourself what you want to accomplish with your corporate podcast. Once you’ve answered these questions for yourself, you can align your podcast accordingly.


2 . Offer added value

Don’t just focus on promoting your company, but offer valuable and interesting content. Invite experts or famous people who fit your brand. Offer valuable content that introduces your company and makes listeners want to listen.


3 . Produce with the target audience in mind

Understanding your customers is just as important as the podcast. Be clear about the audience you want to reach and what you want to convey to them. Your target audience (podcast listeners) are the ones who will get the most value from your podcast. Once you’re clear on who your target audience is, you can tailor the content to meet their needs and reactions. Analyze the target audience: if it’s more likely to appeal to 50-80 year olds, don’t talk about newfangled trends that these people are less likely to relate to. If all this is correct, you can be sure that your podcast and thus your company will resonate with listeners and that a connection will be made.


4 . Start easy

Start slowly with your podcast and don’t take on too much in the beginning. If you notice after a while that there is still room for improvement, you can increase the tempo. Start with a topic that you can expand on. You want your podcast series to run for a long period of time. If you find you’re too busy to produce content, seek help. Don’t neglect your podcast due to lack of time. Build a team to help you produce your podcast.


5 . Place advertising

If you do not want to start your own corporate podcast, you can also place podcast advertising for your company in a podcast that deals with similar topics or addresses a similar target group. Likewise, you can also sponsor such podcasts and thus advertise. Promote your own corporate podcast by placing paid podcast ads in similar podcasts.


6 . Pay attention to details

Capture audience data for analysis. This will help you know who is listening to your podcast, when and where. You can track if the podcast is drawing more visitors to your website or if your social media channels are being visited more often.

Likewise, Podcast Insights tells you if the listener stopped listening to the episode in between or listened to it in one piece. Based on this data, they can assess whether your episodes might be too long, or could be a bit longer.


7 . Make the most of it

If you want to hit the ground running with your corporate podcast, find the best support. Hire experts for interviews and exciting stories. Opt for good quality equipment to give listeners great sound.

Enable listeners to enjoy a podcast that engages them and makes them curious for more content.


8 . Call-to-action

Ask your listeners to subscribe, rate your podcast. If possible, they should follow your company on social media so they don’t miss out on more content. Get your audience to interact with your company (subscribe to newsletters, visit social media channels). Always end your episode with a call-to-action so your listeners are encouraged to interact with you and your company.



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