10 Reasons why you should use Corporate Podcasts as a Marketing Strategy

Audio is booming and so is the podcast world right now. So why not use these advantages for your own company?

In the following article, we give you 10 reasons why you should use a corporate podcast as a marketing strategy.

1 . Podcasts are easily accessible

Everyone knows about them and everyone knows where to find them. Podcasts are no longer a novelty and are very much present on popular streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple and Google.


2 . Podcasts are effective

Podcasts are everywhere: almost every famous person does a podcast. There is a podcast for every category and almost every topic. They are becoming more and more popular. You could say that podcast series are now as popular as TV series. The advantage over a TV series: it can be done anywhere and on the side. Make use of these advantages for yourself and your company as well.


3 . Podcasts are cheap and easy to create

You don’t need expensive equipment to start your own podcast. Nowadays, there are inexpensive USB microphones that you plug into your cell phone (read our article on this). There are free recording software and much more. For little money you can already start with a podcast. The only things you need are good quality headphones and microphone, recording software, editing software and an internet connection. Once all of this is in place, podcasting is ready to go!


4 . Podcasts can bring more visitors to your business

Millions of people listen to podcasts. That’s a whole lot. The more people who listen to a podcast, the more popular it becomes. If the awareness of a podcast increases, you generate more reach. As a result, you can increase awareness of your brand, familiarize listeners with your company, and attract potential customers to your business.

Good content generates more subscribers. Thus, you will have regular listeners who can become potential new customers.


5 . They are a good alternative to text or video content

Shooting video is very time-consuming and usually involves high costs. Audio, on the other hand, conserves resources (a blog article on this will follow soon). By now, almost every company has newsletters or other types of written traffic. Try something new! Audio is more personal and creates closeness. You create a connection, with potential customers, that can only benefit your business.


6 . Podcasts improve the visibility of your brand

If you host their podcast on multiple hosting sites, such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and co, your business will have greater visibility online. Likewise, make their podcast available on your homepage or a landing page. Provide them with an audio player so that listeners are not redirected. Also use social media to draw attention to your podcast. Omnichannel is the magic word here. The more your podcast is on the web and on different channels, the larger your audience will be.


7 . Podcast help with customer retention

Listeners can build a familiar and personal connection with the host because audio and voice create closeness. The spoken word is automatically more personal than the written word because emotions can be conveyed. This familiarity can be used to build customer loyalty and attract long-term listeners.


8 . Podcasts reflect authority

When starting a podcast, one should be certain about the topic. You become an expert in the topic and automatically exude confidence. Listeners and potential customers get a “he-knows-himself” feeling right away.


9 . Podcasts are ideal for a company’s content marketing strategy

You can develop and deliver engaging content that relates to your business over the long term, building awareness for your company. The podcast content also translates well to blog articles, videos, newsletters or social media channels. As a business, you should use each channel to get the best possible reach for your business.


10 . You can reuse a podcast

As mentioned in point 9, one should be present on all channels. To do this, you don’t have to reuse one-to-one what you said in a podcast episode. Rather, you should use what you said as inspiration for further content. Content from your own podcast can serve as inspiration for videos, photos, copy, and commercials.


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