Sophie Kramm

8 tips on how to generate reach with your podcast

It should no longer be a secret that audio is booming and podcasts are shooting through the roof. This makes corporate podcasts all the more interesting for companies. Whether it’s for their own employees, B2B customers, or for every man to draw attention to the company… every company can and should have their own podcast. But what if I’m a CEO who started a corporate podcast? How do I get people to listen to my podcast and how do I generate reach?

What are the benefits of audio in business?

Corporate audio is moving more and more into focus and is becoming more and more important. It all started with corporate sound. Companies got a so-called sound logo. One example is the Telekom Sound. Everyone knows it and it stays in the ear. It provides recognition value and that’s exactly what it’s all about. You should recognize the company by the sound alone.

Corporate Audio explained

Corporate Podcasting: simply explained

With the help of corporate audio, you can speak directly and personally with your team. Thus, in times of home office and hybrid working, emotional closeness is formed and employees are brought into the company’s events, informed about updates and goals of the management and new employees can be trained.

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