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Turn your current communications into captivating and authentic-sounding podcasts in minutes with HypecastAI. Reach your audience beyond the confines of traditional communication tools and screens!

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How HypecastAI works

Easy content upload

Select your PDF, newsletter, study or any other text format and upload it via drap & drop.

AI script generation

Captivating podcasts scripts are generated in seconds without missing any important information.

Realistic Text-to-Speech

Ultra-realistic AI voices turn your audio content into natural-sounding podcasts you love listening to.

Try it now

Take an existing text and just add it to our newsletter form, if you like add an intro and outro, click submit, and in a few moments your podcast will be ready. Or you switch to our PDF form, upload an existing PDF, it is autmatically turned into a podcast script, review it, click submit and let us work our magic.

Generative Voice AI Podcasts

Engage your team with audio -
anywhere, anytime.

Experience the transformative power of AI-generated podcasts with cutting-edge text-to-speech solutions.  Captivate your audience with engaging audio content, ensuring your message is heard and understood effortlessly. Say goodbye to traditional written updates and welcome a new era of impactful communication.

Use Cases

Create captivating audio content


Research Paper
  • Listen to our latest research paper that we turned into an exciting podcast with HypecastAI



Works wherever your audience is

Whether your teams work from home or are constantly on the move, we’ve got you covered. Our platform enables your audience to access and enjoy engaging audio content wherever they are. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, news, and topics relevant to your interests. From inspiring podcasts to informative audion news, HypecastAI offers a seamless and personalized listening experience. Embrace the freedom of consuming content on your terms, anytime, anywhere.


On the Go


One Platform. Endless Integrations.

You want your organization’s message be heard across all your channels?
It is build for maximum flexibility when it comes to distribution your content to the right audience.

Hypecast App

Download our native iOS and Android app and let your audience log on via invite or SSO.

Social Intranet Plugins

The Hypecast audio player easily connects to all major social intranet platforms.


Build your custom integration for your learning or engagement platform via our API.

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