8 tips on how to generate reach with your podcast

It should no longer be a secret that audio is booming and podcasts are shooting through the roof. This makes corporate podcasts all the more interesting for companies. Whether it’s for their own employees, B2B customers, or for every man to draw attention to the company… every company can and should have their own podcast. But what if I’m a CEO who started a corporate podcast? How do I get people to listen to my podcast and how do I generate reach?

Here a few tips:

1 . Hire experts for a subject area

The Internet is fast-paced, so topics are usually covered superficially. A podcast has the advantage that you can listen to it on the side. Thus, you can explain a topic in detail and in depth. With the help of experts, the topic can be prepared and treated in detail. Especially niche topics benefit experts.

2 . Invite well-known people to the talk

Politicians, entrepreneurs and experts from the corporate world attract attention through exciting stories or life experience and bring „fresh wind“ into the podcast.

3 . Celebrities and influencers as hosts

Look for celebrities who fit your brand and values. Their name recognition will create automatic reach. It is important that the guests/hosts fit thematically.

4 . Which distribution?

Upload your podcast to all known platforms (omnichannel) to make your podcast accessible to many people. Also use your own homepage or landing page from which users can listen and find your podcast. Equip it with an audio player so that the user is not redirected to Spotify and Co. You can also use social media platforms as a distribution/marketing opportunity. Post advertisements for your podcast, small snippets from the current episode, behind the scenes material or additional material to your episodes.

5 . SEO measures

Create a crisp and compelling description about your podcast and each episode. Use all meta data on all channels to rank your podcast as high as possible.

6 . Other tips for publishing

Find your own rhythm for posting your episodes online. Allow enough time to prepare, record and edit your episode. Once you’ve calculated that time, you can figure out when you want to upload. Once a week or at least every 14 days. Depending on the format of your podcast (for example, a news podcast), you can also upload a short episode every day. Schedule your time properly so that you don’t eventually run out of time and your podcast falls by the wayside. Regularly publishing an episode gives your listeners stability.

7 . Podcast ratings

If people listen to your podcast often or interact with it in the form of reviews, it can bump your podcast up. The higher your podcast is ranked, the more people can see it „by accident“. It automatically gets more attention. Promoting your podcast on all channels can also help you respond to audience reactions (comments on Instagram). Lots of cross-channel activity will bring more attention to your podcast.

8 . Take advantage of the medium even if you don’t have your own podcast

For example, you can advertise your company in podcasts from different or similar topics, or usually podcasts are also open to sponsors and they then advertise for you. Other podcasts can be used as advertising for your own company.


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