How to start a Corporate Podcast: The first thoughts about your own Corporate Podcast

Thinking about starting a corporate podcast, but not quite sure how to get started? Then here are a few tips for you:

1 . Determine target group

First, think about who you want to speak to. Do you plan to create your corporate podcast internally for your team, speak to your B2B clients, or do you want to use the podcast as an advertisement for your company and give your company a voice? After you’ve determined that, you can start looking at the topics

2 . Choose the right topic

After you have determined the target group, you can think about the topics. Think about what interests you and what you would like to talk about. But always compare your ideas with your target group. Keep your target audience in mind when coming up with topic ideas and think about whether they would be interested. Find appealing topics that interest you but also your target group.

As a small tip: Create a content calendar. There you can plan your topics on a monthly basis and possibly swap them if something fits better.

News in relation to your company can also be interesting. Also be open to ideas from listeners or your employees.

3 . Distribution

 Next, it’s about the distribution of your podcast. If you want to make your podcast available only to your B2B clients or team, internal distribution is a better fit. This means that your podcast will not be available to the public. It will certainly be accessible to the selected people. This is what Hypcast, our all-in-one corporate audio platform, offers you. Our software offers you a secure communication channel for your B2B, B2C and B2E communication.

If you want your podcast to be accessible to everyone, for example because you use it for promotional purposes, then public distribution is for you. Here your podcast is accessible for all people via the common podcast software.

4 . Technology

 Now comes the question of the setup and all the trimmings. If you have your topic and an answer or a plan for the points before, the recording can start.

We have already written blogposts on the topic of microphone selection and recording setup. Feel free to have a look there.

You can record and host your podcast directly via Hypecast. There you have everything at a glance. Otherwise, there are other software you can use to record and host your podcast.

5 . Marketing

 Once you’ve recorded your first podcast episode, you should start thinking about marketing. How do you get people to listen to your podcast? The easiest way is to use social networks. Alternatively, there are experts who specialize in podcast marketing. It is important that you address your target group with your advertising, but also reach out further to make possible customers, partners or employees aware of your company. The more people that become aware of your podcast, the more reach you generate.

For an internal podcast for your team or B2B customers, reach is secondary. Here it is more important to pay attention to your topics and to convey what you value.


If you’re thinking about starting a corporate podcast, check out our website. Here you can find all the info about Hypecast. You can also request a demo here.

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