5 hacks to improve sales numbers
using internal podcasting

better sales numbers using internal podcasting

There are many divisions that come together to run a business, and one of the most important ones is responsible for sales. This blog post will give you 5 hacks to improve sales numbers using internal podcasting.

In a time where workers are demanding more accessible leadership and transparent communication, employers are leveraging company podcasts to effectively reach their employees. Multinationals like GE, American Airlines, Goldman Sachs, Samsung, and Walmart among many have already implemented podcasting into their integrated communications plan. 

Podcasting has further percolated to the sales enablement teams enabling them to increase their productivity and further the company’s bottom line.

Let’s see how internal podcasts are being used to impressive effect in generating better sales numbers, and how your company too can benefit from it.

1. Share success stories and examples

Sales representatives are always busy pursuing their own leads and managing their own opportunities. When someone on the sales team closes a deal, you may hear about the customer’s name, and the size of the sale, but in this melee an important point gets left out, how was this sale achieved? What was the methodology used?

Internal podcasts are a great way to share with the rest of the team all the aspects of the sale deal. It is much easier than drafting a cumbersome email, which by itself would be time-consuming and lengthy, not to forget the multiple drafts and edits required.

Key points like how the sale was initiated, the expectations and needs of the customer which prompted the deal, the features they liked, and the way the pricing was negotiated can be communicated in a short and crisp internal podcast.

Many of the employees who listen to podcasts, usually do so outside of working hours. This could be during commuting, while at the gym, or while taking a leisurely stroll. The ease of access makes it the go-to platform for sales representatives to fall back on as and when they feel like it.

2. Impart effective training

Sales have a high burn rate and the turnover rate averages around 34.7% That is a staggering number by any margin.

Given the demands of the role, it is not a surprise, as not everybody is cut out to do sales. This means new kids are always on the block taking the place of the older ones.

With this evergoing churn, companies spend an inordinate amount of time training and onboarding, which not only takes a toll on productivity but also impacts the bottom line adversely.

There are many benefits to pre-recording training and onboarding materials. Companies that use internal podcasting for sales training and onboarding are considerably more effective in imparting knowledge transfer.

This way training materials are always accessible to new reps, which leads to lesser in person training sessions and 24/7 access to all the reference materials.

3. Recognize good work

Recognition is an integral part of any sales program. After all, you want to ensure your best salespeople are being acknowledged for their contributions and successes. 

Internal podcasting can be a wonderful tool for giving kudos to your best performers and encouraging them to share what tactics worked best to close the deal.

Try following up on the podcasting content with some quizzes for knowledge retention, and incentivize listening with rewards for the best scores.

Encouraging your employees to participate in the form of contests will ignite their competitive spirit in them, and this in turn will garner more interest in your internal podcast.

4. As a platform to give Pep talks

This could be the Ted Talks for sales, only virtual. Sales managers can draw on their own stories of challenges and successes to give their teams a boost through the company’s internal podcast, and they could also upload any number of motivational talks that are publicly available.

As a leader, you are responsible for the morale of the team and being an inspiration to your sales team is fundamental to boosting productivity. 

Be it a leader or any other member of the sales team, everyone will have a story to tell. This holds true for sales as this is a difficult field by itself, and stories on how one overcame adversity to land that project or client is just the motivation the team needs.

Small snippets like the daily quote of the day, an overview on the sales environment and industry trends or mentioning recent successes of employees in closing deals could be aptly done using internal podcasting as a medium.

5. Foster a sense of cohesiveness

With the pandemic literally forcing the world population to work remotely, it has been noticed that many employees feel left out of the company chain.

Sales representatives are almost always in the field. They would be meeting with clients and prospects to build relationships, they may miss out on the day-to-day meetings and interactions taking place at your company.

Internal podcasts can build a bridge and make them feel like a more integral part of the team. By allowing your salesmen and women to access content at a time that is convenient for them, you create a feeling of inclusion at the company, allowing them to refer to key information even if they’re not in the office. 

This fosters a sense of cohesiveness within the team and paves the way for a thriving workspace, and organizations with a thriving workplace culture tend to grow significantly faster than their peers.

To conclude

Podcasting has been around for some time now, but it’s only been recently that companies have realized the immense benefits they can garner using this internally.

Getting started with podcasting doesn’t have to require sophisticated setups, complicated equipment, or a sharp learning curve. Hypecast offers a simple yet technically advanced audio solution for you to create exciting podcasts for your team.

Not only will your sales team be able to access the content anywhere and at any time, you would also have first hand access to analytics to see the user engagement and tweak your content plan accordingly, if required.

Request for a demo now and see how the magic of internal podcasting propels your sales team to even greater heights. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about the Corporate Audio world.



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