Why is audio booming?

We all know them and we’ve all probably heard one before: PODCASTS. But why are podcasts and audio so trendy right now?

The benefits of audio

One of the biggest advantages of audio is that it creates closeness: a person’s voice is individual and conveys personality and emotion. You recognize a voice and feel directly connected and familiar. Through auditory perception, we link what we hear with feelings and situations (similar to smell).

Another point is that audio perception is incidental. You can listen to a podcast, music, or a voice message while cooking, sorting laundry, or doing the dishes. The ears are important, not the hands.

Likewise, audio communication, as opposed to text communication, is more effective: nonverbal communication cannot be discerned in a written text. Things like emphasis and emotion are lost, but audio can get exactly that across.

According to statistics, from 2018 to 2021, the number of streams accessed via audio and music streaming services in Germany doubled (from 79,5 billion to 165 billion).

More reasons for the audio BOOM

Thanks to smartphones, we always have our music and podcasts with us and it can be listened to at any time. Downloadable content even makes it possible to stream without an active Internet connection.

The offer is huge: on Spotify alone, there are more than 700,000 podcasts and due to the enormous demand, there are more and more. Topics include history, news and politics, enterprise podcasts, true crime, comedy, and just plain „talk podcasts.“ There’s something for everyone!

To sum up, the audio market is growing every day and there will be more and more offers and innovations. Audio is an easy way to establish personal contact.

So put on your headphones and press play!


An article about the advantages of corporate audio will be published soon. Stay tuned! Do you listen to podcasts? And if so, which ones and how often?

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