Best Practices to Follow Before Starting Your Own Internal Podcast

Internal and public distribution:
shortly explained

If you want to start a corporate podcast, you should think about the target audience. Who do you want to address your podcast to?

If you have answered this question for yourself, the question of distribution is easier. There are two types of distribution:

Public Distribution:

Everyone gets public access to your podcast. Mostly via the popular podcast apps, like Spotify, Apple Podcast, Goggle Podcast and Co.

Internal Distribution:

Only a certain group of people gets access to your corporate podcast. This can be regulated via access restrictions or corporate portals. There is also the possibility to run the distribution internally via a special software.

This is offered for example by our software Hypecast. So you have a secure communication channel for your B2B, B2C and B2E communication.

Which distribution would be better for your corporate podcast?

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